Chapter 3: I’m still BIG AL, just maybe a bit bigger this week


It’s been a rough couple of days. Although I knew things would be hard, it still doesn’t make things any easier. Still have nausea, fevers and chills regularly, but didn’t expect to be gaining weight!!!! All the fluids they are giving me has caused me to gain around 30 pounds! They are now giving me a diaretic to pee out all the liquids. Last night I peed out  9 pounds of fluid and I’m back at it today. All the doctors and nurses here are awesome, but Abbey says I have accidently referred to the hospital as jail a few times. “Hey Abbey, do you want to take a walk around the jail with me?” It’s hard to imagine I’ll be here for at least 3 more weeks, but at least I will be able to leave the 10th floor after the chemo is done. Each day of this fight is hard, some worse than others but it all is worth it in the end when I beat this thing. Thanks again for all your encouraging words are support!


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