fun gifts from friends


A combination of being sea sick, flu like symptoms, a real bad Vegas hangover, with a mule kick to the gut starts to describe the nausea from the chemotherapy today, but things were made a bit better tonight by some friends with a few thoughtful joke gifts. It should have been a dead giveaway for what I was in store for the moment I saw Nate and Amiee walk into the room with a giant Barbie gift bag. Opened it up and found a 20 questions game guessing game, some good old nickelodeon gak, and Simon. As I dug deeper into the bag  I found  something Abbey has been refusing to let me buy for years every time I go to the store…..A Dart gun! My trusty Dart gun, furry stuffed replacement dog and I can now protect the other cancer patients on the 10th floor, or at least torment the nursing staff for the next 4 weeks.  As if that wasn’t enough, I took one last reach into the bag and found the jack pot of all ‘get well soon gifts;’ a full size Justin Bieber poster (comb-over hair and all). Nice way to end the day! Thanks Nate and Aimee, and everyone else who continue to brighten my days even when it seems like no light can get in. I love you all goodnight.


2 thoughts on “fun gifts from friends

  1. Good to hear great people are always around you, sounds like an fun day be funny to see with a dart gun, love you cousin

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