Round 1 of Chemo Complete!!!!!!!!!!


Whew! After 10 long days, my first round of chemo is done. Not sure how long it actually stays in my system, but not being hooked up to R2D2 (my IV hanger and pump) 24/7 feels great. I was able to go outside for 30 seconds wearing a mask, but it was the first time I have been outside in 2 weeks. Its amazing how such little things, like being able to go outside, are so excitiing now. Although I’m happy it’s done, now the dreadful waiting game begins. My doctors wont know if the  chemo was effective for a few more weeks, since we have to wait for my blood counts to come up on their own. Once that happens, they will do another bone marrow biopsy, yay (sarcasm), to see if the leukemia is gone. I have failed at numerous attemps to hook up my play station, but I will not give up! Lastly, I miss my dog, Roxanne, terribly. This is the logest I’ve gone without seeing her, but doctors say with my low blood counts it’s too risky to see her. Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Enjoy the fresh air.


4 thoughts on “Round 1 of Chemo Complete!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Alex… So glad the dreadful Chemo is over for you!!!! Unless you’ve had Chemo, no one knows what it’s like!! I’ve thinking of you everyday and saying a prayer for your recovery..I have been in remission for 9 yrs,and I know you can beat this dreadful disease!!! It was very hard but I did it,and so can you.. Tell your mom hello for me!!! And God bless you, your wife and your baby:) Ashley said she loves you!!!

  2. Makes a few gulps of fresh air take on a whole new meaning. I hope you get some good news, and get to get out more, too. Go Buffs

  3. Stay strong and thanks for sharing your story with us, we’re all pulling for you to get back!

  4. I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better. I am praying with all my heart for 100% remission. Sorry we haven’t been down to see you for a while, but we plan on stopping by this weekend. We are doing the neighborhood garage sale this weekend and if you and Abbey want us to try to sell a few things, we would be happy to give it a try. You guys figure it out and we will handle the rest. I was in Oklahoma this past weekend for a funeral and they are all praying for you as well. We love you Alex and are so proud of how strong you have been and the inspiration you are. See you soon. Love, Kelly

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