Law and Order

It’s been a frustrating day. Doctors told me I may be able to go home if my neutrophil (something to do with immune system) counts get up to 1000. Yesterday I was around 700, so I was excited that I was getting close, but today they dropped to the 400’s. I am starting to feel a little better since the chemo is wearing off, which makes it even more difficult to be stuck in the hospital. I’m no longer hooked up to IV’s and I’m receiving fewer drugs, so being confined to this room is making me a little crazy. With only a few t.v. channels, I’ve become addicted to Law and Order. I think I’ve watched close to 30 episodes in the past few days . All and all I’m still trying to stay optimistic in hopes that I can go home soon. I know that I will probably not be able to do much once I’m home, but watching law and order on my own couch with my dog would be like heaven. Hope everyone is enjoying the week! Thanks again for all your support! Reading your posts always help me through the day.


2 thoughts on “Law and Order

  1. Thinking about you guys everyday! I hope that you can go to your comfy home soon and i hope that everyday is better then the last. Love you guys lots!

  2. Roxanne called me last night.She said she misses you and to hurry up and get home,she had several things she needed to discuss with you!!!! Hope you know you are in all of our prayers and cant wait till you come back to work.

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