More cow bell… I’ve got a fever

WOW  . . . that was a trying week; to say the least.  Sorry for not keeping up with my blog, but I was in rare form the past few days. A week ago I was almost certain I would have raised my immune system and be on my way home, but instead my neutrophils dropped drastically. Unable to fight off infections, I quickly got one on my throat, and boy was it nasty. I was unable to speak much or eat, losing 10 pounds for the week (down 25 lbs total) and had a fever for several days. Previously, when I’ve had a fever the nurses would give me a nice warm blanket, but now they’ve become hard core. I had to put ice packs under my arms, a cold cloth on my forehead, and no more blankets. Good thing I got some practice with the cold tub in college! Fevers are no fun! I’ve been hooked up to antibiotics and although I’m feeling better, my throat is still infected. I’m hoping that as soon as it heals my levels will go up. Please send positive vibes my way to help raise my blood levels. Other than that, things are the same. I’m STILL in this hospital room 31 days to be exact. Enjoy the weather! From what I can see out my window, it looks nice.


4 thoughts on “More cow bell… I’ve got a fever

  1. Alex,
    Sorry that you came down with the throat infection – it sounds like a real bummer. Tell those nurses enough of the hard core stuff already. I have been a Buffalo Belle and season ticket holder for years and thoroughly enjoyed your time as a Buff. We are tough, us Buffs, and I know that you will beat this. Tons of good vibes are coming your way so hang in there. I don’t know where you are, but it looks like it is going to rain here in Boulder. Take care and fight, fight, fight.
    Bev Rogers

  2. I just realized I can leave a comment without doing a log in/registration! Clearly I’m not the sharpest chopstick in the box.
    Sorry I’ve taken on stalker tendencies but I want to check in with you to see how you’re coming along. Of course I don’t think and I forget about your blog and now I can see why you haven’t picked up. I came up with a few ideas to help you get better, let me know if they work… 1) antibacterial sanitizer, pour it all over your body, cover every inch and u will be germ-free 2) hoola hoop contest by yourself. I do it all the time, count how many hula’s you can do at a time… Takes your mind off of everything. 3) slip-and-slide in your hospital room with ice cold water mixed will kool aid, a delicious yet refreshing way to bring the outside in!!!

    Keep your head up big homie, we are all praying for you. Laughter is a sign of rising endorphins which is good for your health so keep smiling and stay positive. You have so many people who love you and are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers, let’s fight this thing together and put it behind us. Let me know if you want me to send you a few seasons of Martin or Kevin Hart stand up. Love u. Big hug. -H

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