Thank you all

Each morning I wake up, I’m still surprised that I was diagnosed with cancer, but everyday I’m almost more surprised with all the kindness and generosity that I have received since hearing the news. I wish I could thank each of you personally for your support and donations, but for now I hope this blog entry expressing my gratitude will suffice. First and foremost, thank you John Guydon and Joe Sanders for creating the donation page and spreading the word. I always knew that being part of the CU football team and family was a special experience in which only those who have lived it can understand.  Even though I haven’t seen or spoken to many former players, we are brothers for life. The saying, “BUFF FOR LIFE” has a whole new meaning to me now. I have always been proud of where I went to school, played football and learned many life lessons, but I am more proud today to be a BUFF because of the awesome alumni who represent the university and support a fellow buff in need. I no longer think of “buff for life” as just being a fan of the university for life, but rather an unspoken bond between former students, current students and fans of the university who support one another for life.

 I know that all of you who donated do not call CU your Alma mater, which brings me to the second thing I have learned during this time. That is, overall, people are GOOD. You may know that I work in law enforcement, and I see a different side of people that makes you question a lot of things about them. In some ways, it has changed my views of people, but after all of the support I have gotten during this experience, I see good people always outweigh the bad. All of your kindness has given me a new outlook on life and the power of people coming together. I look at people differently now and realize how important relationships are. In fact, one of my doctors (knowing I’m a huge Buff fan) was reluctant to tell me he went to CSU. It’s funny how it seems so silly to care about something like that now in the whole scheme of things. Before we are graduates from somewhere, we are all just people.  A CSU grad (among many others) is helping to save my life. I told him I will never say anything negative about CSU again, but he gave me permission to one day a year on game day. Finally, some of you have showed your support and donated, who don’t even know me! Thank you. You all have inspired me to live each day feeling blessed, and I feel lucky to have so many great people in my corner. “Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” Margaret Mead. All your support has changed my life and I thank you!



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