I’m a Dad!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, but I’m proud to say I’m officially a father. My daughter Alivia was born 11 days early on July 1st, and I haven’t really slept since! Luckily it was during a time when I wasn’t going through chemo, so I had 3 weeks to really enjoy her and keep my mind off of cancer. I started my third round of chemo today, so hopefully she’ll decide to start sleeping through the night to give me a break (yeah, yeah wishful thinking I know). I’m feeling better, and so far these past two treatments haven’t been as bad as the first. I’m feeling very lucky and blessed overall, considering all the terrible events that have consumed Colorado lately. Please say a prayer for all the families suffering from the recent tragedy. Although our struggles are incomparable, I sure hope they receive as much support and encouragement that I have.  As if cancer hasn’t enough, having a baby really puts life into perspective. Love her so much!


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